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Is Tesla Powerwall the Best Solar Battery?

Is Tesla Powerwall the Best Solar Battery?

Elon Musk’s Powerwall is an incredible energy storage solution for homeowners. This technology has impressive features that give competitors a run for their money. 

But is it the best solar battery for your solar panels? Sadly, the answer is no. Here are the reasons why.

How much does the Powerwall cost?

Today’s cost of buying and installing a Powerwall with a battery system is $11,000 – higher than its price when it was launched.

Also, you can’t buy a Powerwall on its own. You have to purchase it along with a solar panel system if you want it to come straight from Tesla. You can only buy the battery without the solar panels from local companies.

Lastly, if you manage only to buy the Powerwall, you may need to upgrade your current solar system, which can cost you an additional $2,500.

The only financial upside to this story is that Tesla qualifies for the federal solar tax credit.

The features of Tesla Powerwall

Here are the things good about the brand if you are still considering it despite the price. 

  • A usable energy capacity of 13.5 kWh (which can supply half of a home’s average energy needs)
  • An on-grid continuous power rating of 7.6 kWh with full sun exposure, 5.8 kW if there’s no sun exposure, and an off-grid continuous power of 9.6 kWh with full sun and 7 kW when there’s no sun. 
  • 90% round trip efficiency
  • 100% depth of discharge
  • Three operating modules: Solar Self-Consumption, Time-Based Control, and Backup Power. 
  • An excellent lifespan, functioning at 70% of starting capacity after a decade

Also, you don’t need a solar panel to use a Powerwall. You can use it to store energy from the power grid for backup power.

Why is it not the best solar battery for your solar panel?

Despite its amazing features and specs, there are less pricey options with high capacity and different operating modes, such as the LG Chem Prime.

Aside from being less accessible and affordable for homeowners, Tesla is also known for lacking after-sales customer service.

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