About Us

About Us

Who we are and what we do

V3Solar is one of the most trusted and comprehensive online sources of information and the latest trends on residential and industrial solar panel ratings and reviews.

Founded in 2012, V3Solar is the brainchild of passionate individuals who desire to give future generations clean earth. Their passion translated into building an organization focusing on giving everyone access to renewable energy that provides clean, sustainable living.

We believe we can make waves in the renewable energy industry by educating the public about installing and using solar panels in their homes and workplaces. We give them the trends and market news on solar panels, such as: 

  • Various solar panel brands¬†
  • Solar panel manufacturers and distributors
  • Solar panel system specifications and installation prices
  • Customer reviews; and
  • Expert opinion and advice on solar panels and everything that relates to them, such as battery storage, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency

Plenty of other trusted websites and experts on solar energy and renewable energy, in general, rely on V3Solar for high-quality, updated content, including NABCEP, MnSEIA, Solar Energy International, and Solar Energy Industries Association.

How we fund our operations

After browsing customer reviews of different solar panel brands, you might decide to buy some and want to know the cost. We earn a small commission every time you request a quote from the solar companies through our website.