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How Much Electricity Does Your AC Use?

An air conditioner provides much-needed comfort and coolness but consumes a lot of electricity. It can cost you much money and take a huge bite off your battery storage that you’re saving in case of an outage.
Being the responsible adult you are, you should know how much electricity an AC unit can consume, so you can allocate enough power to keep it running on battery storage.
How many watts does it take to …

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Types of Solar Panel Manufacturers and Which Ones You Should Trust

A solar panel’s quality is largely determined by how it’s made. The technologies and materials used can significantly improve quality and efficiency. So, choosing the right solar panel manufacturer takes you closer to making the right buying decision
Let us give you an idea of the different categories of manufacturers and which among them you can trust.
Categories of Manufacturers

Best Solar Panels

Best Solar Panels of 2022 According to Expert and Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to choose the right solar panel brand is to listen to people who were once in your shoes – searching and constantly reading reviews. Here are the top solar panels on the market based on customer reviews.
LG Solar Panels
LG is a premium solar panel company and a reputable brand with sound financial health and numerous distribution and installation partners.

Best Solar Panels

US Solar Panel Manufacturers and the Current Industry Leaders

SolarWorld, Silicon Energy, and Suniva went from leading the US solar industry leaders to being broke. Tesla also stopped manufacturing. On the other hand, SunPower remains operational, but it moved most of its manufacturing to Asia and Mexico. 
Currently, a Chinese company called Jinko is taking over the US. They have large-scale solar panel manufacturing in Florida.
Aside from …

Best Solar Panels

The Top Solar Panel Brands of 2022 by Panel Efficiency

One of the biggest factors you should consider when buying solar panels is efficiency. It measures the amount of sunlight a solar panel can convert into electricity. More efficiency means more power.
How do various brands differ in efficiency?
The efficiency of every solar cell in the panel, also known as a photovoltaic cell (PV cell), differentiates the solar panel’s effectiveness among brands. …