• Highly efficient in converting sunlight into electrical power
  • Direct to Alternating Current 60Hz and 50Hz
  • Switches to direct DC output for battery storage
  • Small footprint in relation to power output
  • Self-cooling system
  • Designed for all day efficiency
  • Efficiently utilizes full spectrum sunlight


  • Modular upgradable power performance feature sets
  • Retrofit cone rotors for performance upgrades
  • Software calibrations and upgrades for more efficiency specific to each region and market

Ease of installation and mounting options:

  • Utilizes lightweight composite materials
  • Easily shippable due to compact design
  • Ease of installation due to simple and robust mounting
  • Single and multiple Spin Cell pole mounts
  • Secure enclosure designed to suit specific environment
  • Installation specific configurations for various latitudes
  • High population density due to vertical multiple array installations
  • Low wind shear

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