Dynamic Spin

Industry Background

From an engineering perspective, flat panel PV technology has been both flat and relatively static for the past 30 years. Margins have fallen to unsustainable levels as manufacturers try to compete on price alone. Innovation is the real competitive advantage and the focus of V3Solar.

V3Solar’s licensing model supports a rapid deployment of its Dynamic Spin technology. With small retrofits to their existing manufacturing plants, established solar companies can produce numerous variations and specialized energy producing products at lower prices and higher margins.

Dynamic Spin Technology™

Dynamic Spin is a technology incorporating a number of major breakthroughs that work synergistically together.

These technological breakthroughs will allow it to compete strongly in the energy marketplace.

• Concentrated light reduces the amount of PV by a factor of the amount of concentration – 50X sun concentration requires 1/50th of the PV.
• Dynamic Spin cools the PV so that one sun mono PV can effectively support a concentration of more than 100X suns.
• The Dynamic Spin technology dramatically increases the yield from a given unit of light.
• Efficiency levels approaching 30% are achieved through Dynamic Spin when using one sun PV. These levels of efficiency were previously only the domain of very expensive triple junction PV.

Being able to use the abundant and cheap one sun mono PV is a significant market advantage. Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) solutions have been forced to rely on expensive, exotic, and scarce materials to handle the increased heat, costing up to 400X more per watt peak.

The Bill of Material (BOM) costs for a Dynamic Spin based solution will be substantially lower than the cost of existing PV based flat panels providing a lower cost by as much as 50%.

Dynamic Spin does have additional BOM costs for the rotor, the power electronics and the form factor, but these costs easily offset by the increase in energy production and lower quantity of PV required.

All of the above factors add up to a lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

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