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 I have read and understand the Disclosure Statement;
 I have read and understand the Subscription Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms;
I agree to invest for a total of units and have made a wire transfer to the Escrow Agent for this amount in accordance with the Subscription Agreement;
 I have read and understand the Amended and Restated Operating Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms upon being admitted as a member of Holdings ;
 I have read and understand the Risk Factors associated with my purchase of the units;
 I agree to the terms set forth in the Purchaser’s Statement;
 I understand that I can only purchase the Units if I qualify as an Accredited Investor, and as such, have provided Holdings with a certification of a third party that I am an Accredited Investor;
 I understand that my purchase of the Units will not close until Holdings has received an adequate number of subscriptions, as determined by Holdings in its sole discretion; and
 I understand that Holdings may terminate the Offer in its sole discretion prior to the Termination Date, but that I may not terminate my Purchase of the Units.


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