About us

V3Solar Corporation is a US Delaware company with its Head Office in Los Angeles, California, its R & D laboratory in Talent, Oregon and its South East Asian office in Melbourne, Australia. V3Solar has invented, and is now in the process of finalising the core design specifications for its key patent pending technology – Dynamic Spin. Using concentrated lensing and a rotating, cylindrical rotor, our Dynamic Spin technology will allow standard one sun PV to operate efficiently with over 50 - 100 times sun concentration as well as allowing it to operate at higher voltage and power output. Net result is a lowering of the Total Cost of Ownership.

Our Mission

V3solar invents and designs innovative solar products based on its core Dynamic Spin patent pending technology. These products will be distributed through strategic partnerships with selected manufacturers and value-added resellers. Energy is the largest market in the world – over $6 trillion. V3Solar hopes to quickly penetrate both the industrial and developing markets with its simple value proposition.

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