Price drives our global electrical energy choices.  Unfortunately, that price does not include the societal impact of pollution, mountain top removal, fracking, etc.  We all like the idea of clean, renewable energy, but until greener alternatives compete directly with fossil fuels on a cost per watt basis the global energy markets will continue to favor fossil fuel based options.

Manufactured in volume, Dynamic Spin based solar products hold the promise of driving down the price of solar to a level where it could compete toe-to-toe on an LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) with many fossil fuel based alternatives.

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The ABC’s of Dynamic Spin

Designing and building solar products that have sustainable competitive advantages drives real margins and market share.

Our IP and manufacturing license allows you to quickly scale up and convert your existing manufacturing infrastructure to new solar based products based on our dynamic spin architecture. Together we will build best of class and market specific products.

Key expected outcomes from the implementation of our cost-effective licensing program include, but are certainly not limited too:

  • speed to market
  • market penetration
  • low capital needs
  • higher revenue per staff member
  • a diversity of products to suit your markets specific needs.


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